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# dump-memory: Interchange low-level memory dump tool for debugging
# by Jon Jensen <>
# To use:
# 1. Put this in interchange.cfg and restart.
# 2. Then go to /dump-memory with any of your catalog URLs.
# 3. You'll get back a very large text file with a dump of the Global::*
# and %$Vend::Cfg namespaces as they actually exist in memory, which is
# the same in many respects as the interchange.structure and
# $catalog.structure dumps, but differs in some important respects as well.
# 4. Do *not* leave this in place on a production server accessible to the
# general public, because you will likely be exposing confidential
# information. Run it preferably only on a development machine, firewalled
# from the outside world, or in the worst case on a production server
# temporarily under a different ActionMap name or with web server access
# control to the URL.
UserTag dump-memory Routine <<EOR
sub {
my %global;
@global{keys %Global::} = map { ${$Global::{$_}} } keys %Global::;
my %structure = (
global => \%global,
catalog => $Vend::Cfg,
return ::uneval(\%structure);
ActionMap dump-memory <<EOR
sub {
$Document->header('Content-Type: text/plain');
'# '
. $Tag->time
. "\n"
. $Tag->dump_memory
return 0;
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