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package mvhints;
sub get_hints {
my @out;
my $condition;
my $routine;
$condition = sub { $^O =~ /bsd/i };
$routine = sub {
my $fn = 'interchange.cfg.dist';
rename $fn, "$fn.bak";
open HINTIN, "$fn.bak"
or die "cannot open $fn.bak: $!\n";
open HINTOUT, ">$fn"
or die "cannot write $fn: $!\n";
while(<HINTIN>) {
/# Changed for $^O, no safe signals\nHousekeeping 1/xi;
/# Changed for $^O, no safe signals\nMaxServers 0/xi;
print HINTOUT $_;
close HINTIN;
close HINTOUT;
unlink "$fn.bak";
return 1;
push @out, [ $condition, $routine ];
return @out;
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