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Interchange Debian Packages
This document contains information about the Interchange Debian packages.
Please send your comments and bug reports to Stefan Hornburg (Racke)
<>. He is the Interchange core developer responsible
for the Interchange Debian packages.
APT Sources
Interchange Debian packages for oldstable (woody) and unstable (sid) are
part of the official Debian distribution. There are no official packages
for stable (sarge).
Up-to-date Interchange Debian packages for stable are available from:
deb interchange main
deb-src interchange main
Debian Specific Changes
* all catalog configuration should we put into catalogs.cfg, so that
/etc/interchange/interchange.cfg can upgraded easily
* any global usertags used locally should go into /etc/interchange/usertag
and they'll be included if they have the extension .tag
Standard Demo
For the administration of the standard demo (interchange-cat-standard
package) a secure webserver (https://) is required.
Other Notes
* if you want to call interchange directly for catalog addition, removal,
reconfiguration or other command line tasks, you need to use the wrapper
script /usr/sbin/interchange either as root or as interchange user, e.g.
/usr/sbin/interchange --reconfig=standard.
* if the selected Interchange user (default: interchange, may be changed
through debconf) doesn't exists at installation time, it will created.
Due to security reasons the shell for this user will be set to
/bin/false and the password for this user will be disabled. Use
su -s /bin/sh if you need to become the Interchange user.
You can build Debian packages directly from CVS with the following commmand:
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -us
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