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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# $Id:,v 2.2 2003-06-18 21:43:14 jon Exp $
# Rewrite pathnames or other values that need to be hardcoded in
# files. Take a commented line, remove the leading hash character,
# substitute for the variable inside ~_~HERE~_~, and place the
# result on the line above the comment, like this:
=for example
use lib '/home/jon/interchange/lib';
#use lib '~_~INSTALLPRIVLIB~_~';
# A single output filename can be specified on the command line, and
# the input filename will be the same, with a .PL extension added.
# If no filename is given, just filter from stdin to stdout.
use strict;
use Config;
require 'scripts/';
sub doit {
my ($key) = @_;
my $val;
if ($MV::Self->{RPMBUILDDIR} and $val = $MV::Self->{$key}) {
$val =~ s!^$MV::Self->{RPMBUILDDIR}/!/!;
return $val;
return $MV::Self->{$key} unless $key =~ /[a-z]/;
return $Config{$key};
no warnings 'void';
my ($input, $output);
$output = $ARGV[0];
$input = "$output.PL" if $output;
local ($/);
@ARGV = ($input) if $input;
local ($_) = <>;
s{.*\n(#(.*)~_~(\w+)~_~(.*))}{$2 . doit($3) . "$4\n$1"}eg;
if ($output) {
open STDOUT, ">$output" or die "Error creating $output: $!\n";
close STDOUT;