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What's new in each version of Interchange
(since the version 5.2 branch)
Interchange 5.3.2 released on 2005-11-10.
* Fix X-Track headers so that they will always be canonical.
* Fixed bug that prevented catalog-level Sub definitions from being
recognized in CodeDef Routine directives.
* Add support for uploaded files in IC-in-mod_perl server mode,
supplied by Spencer Christensen <>.
* Add more file tests than -f for [if file].
[if file-s catalog.cfg > 10000]
catalog.cfg size is greater than 10000
catalog.cfg size is not greater than 10000
[if file-w catalog.cfg]
catalog.cfg can be written
[if file-T catalog.cfg]
catalog.cfg is a text file
[if file-B catalog.cfg]
catalog.cfg is a binary file
The tests are standard Perl tests, supported are:
A B d e f g l M r s T u w x
* Fix bug in Glimpse search that caused mv_substring_match never to work.
Glimpse only allows setting substring or full word matches per search,
not per word, so if any word is flagged as a substring match, the whole
search is. Otherwise, it's a full word match.
* Fix bug that prevented multiple-field searches from working, e.g.
* Add table to [import] error message.
* Controlling Interchange (add,remove,jobs) doesn't stop despite of a
stale PID file and kills the script it runs from (Debian bug #256093)
* Fix bug that prevented the use of "<filename" to slurp configuration contents
from a file.
* Escape HTML tags within ITL test code output.
* Customer Mailing added to edit permissions page.
* Fix the long-standing "page [cgi mv_data_table] not found" error on
return from meta_editor.
* Display "New item" in the HTML title of the item editor for new items.
* Allow "Create menu from HTML" option to recognize <OPTION value=URL>Anchor
* Deprecate [sql] tag from MiniVend 3. Planned for removal in next major
Interchange version.
* Make secure image directory be set to something even if no
separate secure image directory within [image] UserTag.
* [jsq]/[jsqn] returns now the string '' if an empty string is the argument
in order to avoid JavaScript errors (found by John Rennie)
* Changes related to the makesize= parameter of [image] UserTag:
- Added resize= and geometry= aliases
- Expanded a regex, which only accepted an AxB size specification,
to permit complete format that mogrify supports:
AxB, A or xB, followed by up to two +-number offsets, followed by
none or one of @!%><.
URLs have the "%" character encoded: % = %25
* Void mv_form_profile on changing shipping country in account page.
* New Ezic module supplied by Mark Lipscombe <>.
* New Business::OnlinePayment interface contributed by Ivan Kohler. See for available modules.
* Continued translation of UI.
* Update of Italian UI translation thanks to Marco Mescoli
* Add Interchange::Link (mod_perl 1.99/2.0 link program) by Mike Heins, which
optionally can replace vlink and tlink. It includes many features found in
mod_interchange and also a mechanism to deliver static files outside of
* Added te editor for tab-delimited files (Closes: #132757)
* Let demo catalog removal always succeed (Closes: #256093)
* Install te editor for tab-delimited files into /usr/bin.
... and many other changes.
Interchange 5.3.0 and 5.3.1 released only in nightly builds and via CVS.
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