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What's new in each version of Interchange
(since the version 5.0 branch)
Interchange 5.0.2 released 2005-09-22.
* Fix ITL injection hole in pages/forum/submit.html.
Interchange 5.0.1 released 2004-03-29.
* Plug a security hole which allows an attacker to expose arbitrary variable
contents by using an URL like
All Interchange applications using the standard "missing" special page
from the demo catalog or a similar one are vulnerable to this attack.
The attacker may learn the SQL access information for your Interchange
application and use this information to read and manipulate sensitive
* Disallow [ and < in page names when setting MV_PAGE and MV_PREV_PAGE
* Prevent login information from getting re-saved on a session cancel.
* Define a set of CGI keys that we don't want to save to disk, as
* Don't show sensitive (i.e. @Global::HideCGI) CGI variables in a dump.
This allows saving a session to disk for diagnositic purposes in case
of order failure.
* Allow [dump no-cgi=1 no-session=1 no-env=1] to finetune dump.
* Tolerate leading whitespace in query in Vend::Form.
* Fix bug where affiliate reports don't filter based on that.
* Make reports with no specified end_date work.
* Fix missing relocation variables in Vend::Table::Editor found by Paul
* history-scan: Make pageonly=1 option work correctly when there's no
History saved in the user's session.
* Remove unmatched </FORM> from cart_display component.
* Add libhtml-parser-perl to Build-Depends to keep HTML::Entities
module out of the package (Closes: #224435, thanks to Henrik Holmboe
<> for the bug report)
* Switch to gettext-based debconf templates (Closes: #235494, thanks to
Martin Quinson <> for the patch)
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