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# Copyright 2005-2007 Interchange Development Group and others
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version. See the LICENSE file for details.
CodeDef htmlarea Widget 1
CodeDef htmlarea Description Rich text editor
CodeDef htmlarea Documentation <<EOD
=head1 NAME
HTMLArea widget for Interchange
[display type=htmlarea name=foo height=NN width=NNN]
The C<htmlarea> widget makes calls to a rich-text editor that replaces
a C<TEXTAREA> component on supported browsers. It operates as a normal
textarea otherwise.
Two flavours of rich-text editors are available, htmlarea (HTMLArea) and
fckeditor (FCKeditor).
Supported browsers include at least Mozilla 1.3.1 and higher, and
MSIE 6 and higher.
The flavour can be selected by the Interchange Variable HTMLAREA_FLAVOUR
or the flavour option and defaults to htmlarea.
To install the htmlarea flavour, get HTMLArea-3.0-RC1 or later and install
in the C<htmlarea> directory of your DocumentRoot.
That means that routines can be accessed with a base HREF of C</htmlarea/>).
To install the fckeditor flavour, get FCKeditor 2.1 or later and install
in the C<fckeditor> directory of your DocumentRoot.
That means that routines can be accessed with a base HREF of C</fckeditor/>.
Alternatively, you can set the Interchange Variable HTMLAREA_PATH to
the appropriate path.
This widget requires Interchange 5.0 and higher.
If you are planning on using it outside of the Interchange UI, you must
either have the output-style of layout (the "standard" demo) with a
[scratch meta_header] call in the <HEAD> area, or you must place the
equivalent of the following in the header of any page to use this widget:
[tmp tmp_hpath][either]__HTMLAREA_PATH__[or]/htmlarea/[/either][/tmp]
<script type="text/javascript">
_editor_url = "[scratch tmp_hpath]";
_editor_lang = "en";
<script type="text/javascript" src="[scratch tmp_hpath]htmlarea.js"></script>
For the fckeditor flavour:
[tmp tmp_hpath][either]__HTMLAREA_PATH__[or]/htmlarea/[/either][/tmp]
<script type="text/javascript">
_editor_url = "[scratch tmp_hpath]";
<script type="text/javascript" src="[scratch tmp_hpath]fckeditor.js"></script>
Additionally for the fckeditor flavour, if "htmlarea_config" is set, upon
loading it will call a javascript function by the name of its value:
[display type=htmlarea name=foo height=NN width=NNN htmlarea_config="bar"]
function bar (fckobj) {
fckobj.ToolbarSet = 'Basic';
This is useful to pass fckeditor configurations, such as the above example "ToolbarSet".
Note that you must supply the Javascript function of (in this case) "bar" as shown, somewhere
on the same page for it to work.
The "en" is the language locale to use. If you use the output-style
layout, this is automatically determined from the Interchange locale.
You can also override this with the Variable HTMLAREA_LANG. This is not
applicable for the fckeditor flavour.
=head1 BUGS
A bug in MSIE doesn't allow initialization of a textarea until the
complete document is loaded. This means that the editor toolbox will not
show up until the mouse enters the C<TEXTAREA>.
CodeDef htmlarea Routine <<EOR
sub {
my ($opt) = @_;
#::logDebug("called kupu widget, value=$opt->{value}");
use vars qw/$Tag/;
my %flavours = (htmlarea => {path => '/htmlarea/',
header => qq|
<script type="text/javascript">
_editor_url = "{PATH}";
_editor_lang = "{LANG}";
<script type="text/javascript" src="{PATH}htmlarea.js"></script>
area => qq|<textarea id="htmlarea_{NAME}" rows="{HEIGHT}" cols={WIDTH} name="{NAME}"{ONMOUSE}>{VALUE}</textarea>|},
fckeditor => {path => '/fckeditor/',
header => qq|
<script type="text/javascript" src="{PATH}fckeditor.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
_editor_url = "{PATH}";
function addLoadEvent(func) {
var oldonload = window.onload;
if (typeof window.onload != 'function') {
window.onload = func;
} else {
window.onload = function() {
pre => qq|<script>
var {NAME}FCKeditor = new FCKeditor( '{NAME}', '{WIDTH}', '{HEIGHT}' ) ;
{NAME}FCKeditor.BasePath = _editor_url ;
{NAME}FCKeditor.ReplaceTextarea() ;
area => qq|<textarea id="{NAME}" rows="{HEIGHT}" cols="{WIDTH}" name="{NAME}">{VALUE}</textarea>|,
post => ''
my $flavour = $opt->{flavour} || $::Variable->{HTMLAREA_FLAVOUR} || 'htmlarea';
my $fname = $opt->{form_name} || 'editor';
my $callpage = $opt->{append} || 'special/kupu';
my $pname = $opt->{name};
my $wname = $opt->{window_name} || "ic_kupu_$pname";
$pname =~ s/\W/_/g;
unless(defined $opt->{close_window}) {
$opt->{close_window} = 1;
if(! $::Scratch->{htmlarea_added}) {
$Tag->tmp({ name => 'htmlarea_added', body => 1 });
$::Scratch->{meta_header} ||= '';
my $path = $::Variable->{HTMLAREA_PATH} || $flavours{$flavour}->{path};
my $lang = $::Variable->{HTMLAREA_LANG} || $::Scratch->{mv_locale} || 'en';
$lang = substr($lang, 0, 2);
$path =~ s:/*$:/:;
$::Scratch->{meta_header} .= $Tag->uc_attr_list({hash => {path => $path, lang => $lang}}, $flavours{$flavour}->{header});
my $val;
if($opt->{value} =~ /</) {
$val = HTML::Entities::encode($opt->{value});
else {
$val = $opt->{value};
my $pre_scr = '';
my $post_scr = '';
my $onmouse = '';
my $htmlarea_config = '';
if ($opt->{htmlarea_config}) {
$htmlarea_config = ", $opt->{htmlarea_config}";
if($Session->{browser} =~ /MSIE/) {
if ($flavour eq 'htmlarea') {
$pre_scr = qq{
var htmlarea_needinit_$pname = true;
$onmouse = qq{ onMouseOver="if(htmlarea_needinit_$pname) { HTMLArea.replace('htmlarea_$pname'$htmlarea_config); htmlarea_needinit_$pname=false }"};
else {
if ($flavour eq 'fckeditor') {
$post_scr = <<EOF;
} else {
$post_scr = <<EOF;
$opt->{height} =~ s/\D+//;
$opt->{width} =~ s/\D+//;
$pre_scr .= $Tag->uc_attr_list({hash => {name => $pname, width => $opt->{width}, height => $opt->{height},
config => $flavour eq 'fckeditor' ? $opt->{htmlarea_config} : undef },
body => $flavours{$flavour}->{pre}});
$opt->{anchor_style} ||= 'font-size: smaller';
my $extra = $opt->{anchor_class} ? qq{ class="$opt->{anchor_class}"} : '';
$extra .= qq{ style="$opt->{anchor_style}"} if $opt->{anchor_style};
my $textra = $opt->{text_class} ? qq{ class="$opt->{text_class}"} : '';
$textra .= qq{ style="$opt->{text_style}"} if $opt->{text_style};
my $wid = $pre_scr . $Tag->uc_attr_list({hash => {name => $pname,
height => $opt->{height}, width => $opt->{width}, onmouse => $onmouse,
value => $val}, body => $flavours{$flavour}->{area}}) . $post_scr;
return $wid;
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