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Document UserDB encryption method parameters in source code comments.

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commit 1c11564db79eda0150909316881fa6b32bd3cb90 1 parent 93e95eb
Daniel Browning danielbr authored
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5 lib/Vend/
@@ -46,6 +46,11 @@ if ($@) {
::logGlobal("SHA1 passwords disabled: $@");
+# The object encryption methods take three arguments: object, password, and
+# mystery meat. If called in the context of new_account(), the mystery meat
+# is the salt (which is not always used). If called in the context of
+# login(), then the mystery meat is the entire password field from the
+# database (with salt, if applicable).
my %enc_subs = (
default => sub {
my $obj = shift;
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