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Document MV_DOLLAR_ZERO global variable.

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@@ -950,6 +950,33 @@ The current locale for language.
+Some global variables can be set to affect Interchange:
+=over 4
+This determines what Interchange does to Perl's $0 variable, which
+contains the operating system's name of the running process, for
+example in the ps(1) or top(1) commands. Valid settings are:
+ Setting Result
+ (not set) 'interchange'
+ 0 (do nothing)
+ 1 'interchange --> (CATROOT)'
+ string 'string'
+=over 4
+Note that this is set globally once only when the Interchange daemon
+is started, so it's pointless to change the variable after that.
=head2 VarName *global*
Sets the names of variables that will be remapped to and from the URL
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