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* Updates to WHATSNEW should include most major 2005 feature additions.

* If I missed your pet feature, let me know or add it yourself.
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@@ -12,46 +12,162 @@ Interchange 5.3.2 released on 2005-11-10.
-* Fix X-Track headers so that they will always be canonical.
+* Implement new AccumulateCode and TagRepository directives. The rationale
+ is:
-* Fixed bug that prevented catalog-level Sub definitions from being
- recognized in CodeDef Routine directives.
+ -- There is a huge base of Interchange code, much of which is not
+ needed in even the standard catalog with full UI. This causes a
+ larger memory profile than necessary.
-* Add support for uploaded files in IC-in-mod_perl server mode,
- supplied by Spencer Christensen <>.
+ -- It is difficult to determine from the page code what code is
+ needed, especially when a [tag] can call a $Tag can call
+ a filter can call some sort of Action.
+ -- A feature is needed to allow building catalogs with a more
+ nearly optimal set of code than just "everything".
+ If AccumulateCode is no, operation is exactly as before. There have
+ been some code initialization changes and routine calling changes,
+ but the data structures are identical and no difference in operation
+ should be seen.
+ If you set AccumulateCode to "Yes" and specify a TagRepository that
+ contains all known UserTag, ActionMap, Filter, Widget, etc. etc.
+ code, Interchange starts accumulating and compiling these as
+ needed.
+ The code is sent to the master process for compilation and
+ incorporation, so that the next iteration of a page after HouseKeeping
+ seconds will find the code already compiled and ready to go.
+ Over time, as you access pages and routines, a full set of tags
+ will be developed and you can turn AccumulateCode to "No".
+* Add HouseKeepingCron capability with cron-style execution of
+ Jobs, reconfig, restart, and other arbitrary tasks (using GlobalSub).
+ Uses Set::CronTab and a modified crontab format that includes
+ seconds.
* Add more file tests than -f for [if file].
- [if file-s catalog.cfg > 10000]
- catalog.cfg size is greater than 10000
- [else]
- catalog.cfg size is not greater than 10000
- [/else]
- [/if]
+ [if file-s catalog.cfg > 10000]
+ catalog.cfg size is greater than 10000
+ [else]
+ catalog.cfg size is not greater than 10000
+ [/else]
+ [/if]
- [if file-w catalog.cfg]
- catalog.cfg can be written
- [/if]
+ [if file-w catalog.cfg]
+ catalog.cfg can be written
+ [/if]
- [if file-T catalog.cfg]
- catalog.cfg is a text file
- [/if]
+ [if file-T catalog.cfg]
+ catalog.cfg is a text file
+ [/if]
- [if file-B catalog.cfg]
- catalog.cfg is a binary file
- [/if]
+ [if file-B catalog.cfg]
+ catalog.cfg is a binary file
+ [/if]
- etc.
+ etc.
The tests are standard Perl tests, supported are:
- A B d e f g l M r s T u w x
+ A B d e f g l M r s T u w x
+* Add MIME support for [email ..] usertag, which allows you to easily
+ attach files or create HTML email.
+ [email
+ from=""
+ to=""
+ subject=Test
+ attach="foo.pdf"
+ ]Here is the pdf.[/email]
+* Improved Net::SMTP support.
+* Add Discount spaces, which allows you to create switchable discount
+ spaces similar to the existing values-space functionality. The [discount-
+ space] usertag can be used to change the current discount namespace,
+ causing all subsequent discount-related tags and calculations to
+ operate from that particular
+* Add CartTrigger, which allows for specification of any number of
+ subroutines (global or catalog subs, specified by name) to execute
+ whenever the contents of a shopping cart are changed via the standard
+ means available through CGI variable space.
+* Add new "Feature" facility which allows easy installation of new
+ capabilities to Interchange.
+* Add a directive alias feature to Vend::Config, with the following
+ defaults:
+ DataDir == ProductDir
+ DefaultDataTables == ProductFiles
+* Add ErrorDestination directive which allows you to route error
+ messages to different files. For example:
+ ErrorDestination "search error: %s" logs/search_errors.log
+* Improved coverage for AutoModifier, allowing it to map arbitrary
+ item paramters/modifiers to arbitrary tables and columns.
+* Add support for uploaded files in IC-in-mod_perl server mode,
+ supplied by Spencer Christensen <>.
+* Add serialization of arbitrary values in UserDB on login/logout/save.
+ This allows adding extra form-initialization values for a user
+ (like mv_same_billing) without having to always create a new DB field.
+* Make AutoLoad and AutoEnd accept multiple routines in different
+ configuration lines.
+* Add "Help" option for display widgets, allowing tooltips on hovering
+ over an option.
+* "Permanent more" facility allows you to create pageable searches
+ that are shared between people and are cacheable by search engines.
+* Add DispatchRoutines code to allow inserting initialization code based
+ on directive/feature set. Previously, you would have to add a test
+ or branch in Vend::Dispatch -- now you can just push your routine on a
+ stack if appropriate.
+ CookieLogin, Autoload, DiscountSpaces, and Locale use this.
+* Many minor changes to improve XHTML support.
+* Add $Row object for accessing the current list row in embedded Perl.
+* Add Vend::External mechanism for communication with PHP, Python, or Ruby.
* Fix bug in Glimpse search that caused mv_substring_match never to work.
Glimpse only allows setting substring or full word matches per search,
not per word, so if any word is flagged as a substring match, the whole
search is. Otherwise, it's a full word match.
+* Levies fixes to allow conditional exclusives and return of false
+ values containing whitespace.
+* Additional credit card types recognized, settable "Other" value
+ for default card. SpecialSub guess_cc_type allows custom card
+ recognition on a per-catalog basis.
+* Add no_default_reparse to make the default Reparse setting false,
+ which can be (as always) overridden by the tag's Reparse setting, and
+ finally by the reparse=X tag attribute.
+* Add more ability for DatabaseAuto to process Postgres definitions
+ and prevent addition of global schemas while possibly allowing
+ addition of views.
+* Improve large-table performance on SQL databases that don't
+ support LIMIT (i.e. Oracle).
* Fix bug that prevented multiple-field searches from working, e.g.
@@ -63,6 +179,33 @@ Core
* Fix bug that prevented the use of "<filename" to slurp configuration contents
from a file.
+* Various performance and reliability optimizations to the [menu ...]
+ tag and
+* Changes to remove some warnings and make it easier to run with
+ -w flag.
+* Break most all Widget, Filter, and OrderCheck function definitions
+ into individual files in the ICROOT/code tree. Remove the corresponding
+ fixed functions from Vend::Form, Vend::Interpolate, and Vend::Order.
+* Fix X-Track headers so that they will always be canonical.
+* Fixed bug that prevented catalog-level Sub definitions from being
+ recognized in CodeDef Routine directives.
+* country_select and state_select widgets allow dynamic linkage of
+ a state/province widget with the country, based on a database.
+* Add Description to most widgets.
+* Create public and non-public visibility distinction allowing
+ you to build a list of widgets for selection.
@@ -75,6 +218,28 @@ UI
* Display "New item" in the HTML title of the item editor for new items.
+* New page editor style, with possibility to add your own custom layout.
+* User merge facility to allow order admins to merge customer accounts when
+ they order with additional IDs.
+* Added several new display styles for the table editor.
+* Change admin/miscfunction to have an editable links menu as well as
+ an editable Miscellaneous function menu.
+* Add "Save Link" function that can help build a menu in the
+ admin/miscfunction page.
+* Many minor table editor enhancements -- improved meta editing, views,
+ and customization.
+* Fix [write-shipping] to support the changeable location of
+ shipping.asc.
+* Fix references to [modifier-name] and [quantity-name] which would
+ cause problems when editing pages with an [item-list].
@@ -105,10 +270,17 @@ UserTag
URLs have the "%" character encoded: % = %25
+Standard Demo
+* Added new "Standard" demo based on the former contributed "mike" demo.
+* New standard demo adds multi-page checkout.
-* Void mv_form_profile on changing shipping country in account page.
+* Removed foundation catalog, replaced with "standard" demo.
@@ -118,13 +290,31 @@ Payment
* New Business::OnlinePayment interface contributed by Ivan Kohler. See for available modules.
+* use_wget option in Vend::Payment allows using the wget program
+ for fetching payment results. This may improve reliability of
+ some payment modules that use HTTPS.
+ Requires wget to be linked with an SSL library, of course.
+* Add support for CVV (AuthorizeNet) and AVS (Echo) for some modules.
+* Fix Linkpoint module so it nominally operates.
+* Updated Vend::Payment::PRI code from Marty Tennison.
+* Vend::Signio: Allow cert_path relative to IC root for PayFlow Pro
+ (akin to other default path attempts in $ICROOT and $ICROOT/lib).
* Continued translation of UI.
-* Update of Italian UI translation thanks to Marco Mescoli
- <>.
+* Update of Italian UI translation thanks to Marco Mescoli.
+* Added Vietnamese, Czech, and Greek UI translations thanks to
+ Clytie Siddall, Martin Sin and Gert van der Spoel.
@@ -134,6 +324,10 @@ Link
mod_interchange and also a mechanism to deliver static files outside of
+* Clean up vlink/tlink program code to remove cruft and make consistent.
+* Bug fixes to Interchange::Link (mod_perl2 link module).

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