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Allow cutomization of "DO ANOTHER" HTML block in the table editor.

The DO ANOTHER block contains hard-coded text and return-pages used for radio
buttons which is always displayed for new entries.  This change allows
customized HTML to replace it for when you want to use the table editor in your
own custom admin pages.
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1 parent a6c3c1d commit a2e08351c7363db9147f251eb48a0e5dbd4f76fa @pajamian pajamian committed Jan 25, 2011
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 lib/Vend/Table/
2 lib/Vend/Table/
@@ -4229,7 +4229,7 @@ EOF
if($opt->{ui_new_item}) {
my $aa_msg = l('Add another item');
my $rt_msg = l('Return to table select');
- chunk 'DO_ANOTHER', 'OUTPUT_MAP', <<EOF;
+ chunk 'DO_ANOTHER', 'OUTPUT_MAP', $opt->{ui_do_another} || <<EOF;
<input type="radio" class="$opt->{widget_class}" name="mv_nextpage" value="admin/flex_select" CHECKED>

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