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Allow name="0" in Content-Disposition header.

Interchange was checking the Content-Disposition name for perly truth
rather than definedness, which caused it to incorrectly disallow the valid
name of "0". I ran into one particular program in the wild that happens
to generate requests with just such headers:
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1 parent 393f8c7 commit b29f34f55dec6211403fbbb421e775e1b029de48 @danielbr danielbr committed Apr 2, 2011
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@@ -472,7 +472,7 @@ sub parse_multipart {
# Bug: Netscape doesn't escape quotation marks in file names!!!
my($filename) = $header{'Content-Disposition'}=~/ filename="?([^\";]*)"?/;
#::logDebug("param='$param' filename='$filename'" );
- if(! $param) {
+ if(not defined $param) {
::logGlobal({ level => 'debug' }, "unsupported multipart header: \n%s\n", $header);

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