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Commits on Jul 27, 2001
  1. @perusionmike
  2. @perusionmike
  3. @jonjensen

    Remove UI_HELP_URL from catalog_before, as that would make it impossible

    jonjensen authored
    to have a blank UI_HELP_URL and thus rely on the local machine's help as
    provided for in pages/admin/help.html.
  4. @perusionmike
  5. @jonjensen

    Cosmetic change.

    jonjensen authored
  6. @jonjensen
  7. @perusionmike
  8. @perusionmike
  9. @jonjensen
  10. Changed from and reply-to email address to __EMAIL_SERVICE__

    Ton Verhagen authored
    This brings it line with the name in the variable table
  11. @perusionmike

    * Add link to documentation after initial preview build....

    perusionmike authored
    	* Update wizard_profiles to use did_products=required instead
    	  of old products=defined
  12. @perusionmike
  13. @perusionmike
  14. @perusionmike
  15. The admin user was being created in both the Admin database, and the …

    Brev Patterson authored
    …Customer database.
    This left the admin user password in plaintext in the customer database.
    Now the admin is created in the admin db, and the customer in the customer db.
  16. @racke

    translation improved

    racke authored
  17. @jonjensen

    Set UI_HELP_URL to by default. Our online help is

    jonjensen authored
    still incomplete and this will allow it to be updated for people even after
    a release is done.
    Users can remove or empty this variable to use local machine's help, or
    set it to whatever URL they like.
  18. @jonjensen
Commits on Jul 26, 2001
  1. @perusionmike
  2. @jonjensen
  3. some more text updates from dadams. for the preview page.

    Brev Patterson authored
  4. Altered my fix of thumbnail display (based on image availability) on …

    Brev Patterson authored
    …the stock-alert page.
  5. @racke
  6. @perusionmike

    * Modify all pages to use ui_wizard_fields instead of the

    perusionmike authored
    	  table=variable and fake keys
    	* Slightly refine default taxlocation so it is only presented
    	  for US
  7. @racke
  8. @racke
  9. @racke

    safeguard added

    racke authored
  10. @racke

    removed unused statement

    racke authored
  11. @jonjensen


    jonjensen authored
  12. @jonjensen
  13. @jonjensen

    Add 4.7.7 release notes.

    jonjensen authored
  14. @jonjensen
  15. @perusionmike

    * Change "no tiny cart" component initialization to write both

    perusionmike authored
    	  slots 2 and 3, prevents pickup of default category_vertical
    	  in slot 2, causing duplicated lists.
  16. @jonjensen
  17. @jonjensen
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