Commits on Dec 12, 2002
  1. *** empty log message ***

    perusionmike committed Dec 12, 2002
  2. * Add intrinsic "file" widget type.

    * Allow setting of a widget class directly without using "extra".
    perusionmike committed Dec 12, 2002
Commits on Dec 11, 2002
  1. * Update from Randy Moore for the category_vert_toggle component.

      I may have finally gotten it in right...
    perusionmike committed Dec 11, 2002
  2. * Change default for MaxServers in "rpc" profile to zero. This is pro…

      best for the vast majority of servers running in PreFork mode.
    perusionmike committed Dec 11, 2002
Commits on Dec 10, 2002
  1. Remove unused variable.

    jonjensen committed Dec 10, 2002
  2. Fix problem with PreFork and mod_perl modes where Interchange children

    kept order profile state between runs.
    jonjensen committed Dec 10, 2002
Commits on Dec 8, 2002
  1. * Add min-rows=$rows parameter to [table-organize]. Allows building s…

      result sets in one column (or however many columns needed to reach
    	[table-organize cols=3 min-rows=5 columnize=1]
    		<td>1</td> <td>6</td>
    		<td>2</td> <td>7</td>
    		<td>3</td> <td>8</td>
    		<td>4</td> <td>9</td>
    		<td>5</td> <td>&nbsp;</td>
        while [table-organize min-rows=3 cols=3] performs normally
    	and [table-organize min-rows=10 cols=3] has only one
    perusionmike committed Dec 8, 2002
  2. * Tolerate people forgetting and putting , on the end of a parameter

      when using line2options. A comma should never be the last character, I
      would think, but you can choose to not use the filter if by some
      bizarre chance it is needed.
    perusionmike committed Dec 8, 2002
  3. * Rework [tree ...] tag to use DBI placeholders if supported.

      While this doesn't seem to save too much CPU on a machine that
      has the database and IC on the same machine, it should relieve
      some network bandwidth on distributed setups.
      If it is an IC database, uses $db->query() as before.
    perusionmike committed Dec 8, 2002
  4. A number of refinements to Menu module.

    * Passing timed=1 to [menu ...] tag prevents putting session ID and
      count in URL, allowing timed-build to work well.
    * first_line and last_line transforms allow you to specify a field
      to set to trigger the first line or the last line of the menu.
      This allows the current IC menu structures to work well with
      menus separated by space.
    * logical_page feature allows a tab "up" indication in another
      menu, based on the page of the entry. This allows multi-level
      tabs to have an "up" indication on different menus.
    * expand_values_form allows setting of ITL tag values even
      on multiple form values.  Honors [cgi ..], [value ..], and [var ..].
    perusionmike committed Dec 8, 2002
  5. * Fix ordering of open paramter for trees -- it was broken by the new

      Vend::Util::vendUrl routine.
    perusionmike committed Dec 8, 2002
Commits on Dec 6, 2002
  1. Added a new configurable results page component.

    	This results_grid component enables one to display
    	search results in a grid like fashion.
    	The layout of the product display is based on user
    	definable HTML templates. One default template is
    	Please send any comments or suggestions for improvement to:
    	Ton Verhagen (
    Ton Verhagen committed Dec 6, 2002
  2. merged changes vs

    +++ +++
    need to specifiy INSTALLSCRIPT for Perl 5.8.x in order to get
    the scripts installed to /usr/lib/interchange/bin
    (Closes: #168308, #168510, #169217)
    +++ +++
    new Debian release for unstable
    +++ +++
    close bug 167032 too
    +++ +++
    documented latest changes
    +++ +++
    be prepared for next release
    +++ +++
    fixed permissions on UI image files
    +++ +++
    preparing for 4.8.6 release
    +++ +++
    make a release from current CVS/stable
    +++ +++
    Check for demo catalog added in interchange-ui's postinst (fixes Debian
    bug #147705). Fixes inaccesible demo catalog if only interchange-ui is
    +++ +++
    doc-base support added to libapache-mod-interchange
    +++ +++
    turned Depends of libapache-mod-interchange on interchange into a
    Suggests (interchange might be running on a remote host), thanks to
    Christopher F.Miller <> for the suggestion
    +++ +++
    bumped up version number
    +++ +++
    prepared for release
    +++ +++
    added check for expireall to cron job
    +++ +++
    set urgency to high and include reasoning
    +++ +++
    stay prepared for 4.8.4 release
    +++ +++
    get ready for a Debian prerelease (needed to have at least a chance to
    get interchange into woody)
    racke committed Dec 6, 2002
  3. merged changes vs

    +++ +++
    need to specifiy INSTALLSCRIPT for Perl 5.8.x in order to get
    the scripts installed to /usr/lib/interchange/bin
    (Closes: #168308, #168510, #169217)
    racke committed Dec 6, 2002
Commits on Dec 3, 2002
  1. new Swish search documented

    racke committed Dec 3, 2002
Commits on Dec 2, 2002
  1. * Simplify field_settor subroutines with prepared query and placehol…

    	  Prevents infamous DBD::Pg::do errors.
    perusionmike committed Dec 2, 2002
  2. merged changes vs

    +++ +++
    finally got dependencies to libsql-statement-perl right
    +++ +++
    relaxed restriction on libsql-statement-perl
    racke committed Dec 2, 2002
Commits on Dec 1, 2002
  1. * Add new category_vertical_tree component supplied by Rene Hertell.

      This takes the output of a menu tree built by the menu_editor and
      displays all items in a fixed fashion ala the common category_vertical
    * Fix a few things in the menu loading system and the menu editor:
    	-- Honor the build_large parameter
    	-- Properly escape form parameters generated in menu_load
    	-- Allow selection of the different build groups in area/cat
    	   menu load function
        -- Don't rely on Values for settings of defaults in the menu_loader
    	-- Minor changes to styles in menu_load portion of menu_editor
    	-- Make image setting more efficient and reliable
    perusionmike committed Dec 1, 2002
  2. * Make sure JavaScript image callouts are not escaped if in pieces -- an

      image should never begin with a single-quote anyway.
    * Stop re-escaping already-escaped form args in escape_form().
    perusionmike committed Dec 1, 2002
Commits on Nov 30, 2002
  1. Added Results page selection via component.

    	  * results_buylist	- replaces the default results.html page
    	  * results_big 	- replaces the results_big.html page
    	Component Grid Results will follow soon.
    Ton Verhagen committed Nov 30, 2002
Commits on Nov 29, 2002
  1. merged changes 2.2 vs

    +++ +++
    No need to restart Interchange for log rotation.
    racke committed Nov 29, 2002