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This is the Standard Demo for Interchange. Mike Heins created it, based
on the earlier Foundation demo. Some of the changes include:

    * Virtually all buttons and menus are text-based so that you can
      add menu entries, buttons, and translations for same without
      making images.

    * All look/feel configuration is done by CSS. It should be quite
      possible to completely change the look simply by editing
      variables/THEME_CSS and include/layout/*.

    * There is only one color scheme (blueyellow) and no THEME/STYLE
      variable. Therefore the regions/ directory is directly in 

    * The default for left-hand side is a product tree, for the top
      bar is a flydown/out menu. Each are editable from within the UI.

    * The template layout is contained in include/layout/*, and
      by [set display_class]leftonly[/set] you can change the type
      within the page.

    * The page title, and page banner can be set anywhere before
      the page footer.

    * There is an alternative multi-page checkout which has received
      quite a bit of testing.

    * UPS lookup for Canada and the US is supported out of the box.

    * US Postal international shipping is supported.

    * Customer service pages have been spiffed up and improved a bit.

    * If you install Text::Query, the search boxes will use
      Altavista-style search language.

    * Advanced search page improved quite a bit.

    * All shipping files/databases moved to products/ship.

    * No more etc/after.cfg -- all configuration in catalog.cfg.

    * A few new feature demonstrations included.

    * Some files have been moved to unclutter the top level
      of the pages/ directory.

    * Other minor changes.

The intent is to slowly document each of the areas of this template with
online help to provide a constantly-improving catalog application for
use by Interchange users not wishing to greatly change the foundation.

$Id: README,v 1.2 2006-06-13 23:45:40 jon Exp $
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