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b8bc221 @docelic * Updates. Too bad I'm idle lately. My PC machines went broken, and
docelic authored
1 - in iccattut, s/item-field/item-param/ at least on some places.
2 - Make xmldocs tarball in ftp autoupdated
3 - Change -latest to version number in tarball download
d2aac97 @docelic Okay, we're back in business. Log as usual:
docelic authored
4 - bin/whatsnew-update didn't pick up User: from messages
ae9e910 @docelic - TODO: add item
docelic authored
5 - some <am> is visible in feature glossary entry
a409c1d @docelic - TODO: Note about fixing/updating AdminUser docs
docelic authored
6 - fix/update AdminUser docs
e2433a3 @racke added note about directive aliases
racke authored
7 - aliases like DataDir/DefaultTables are not documented
ec014c1 @docelic - TODO items
docelic authored
8 - that howto entries get automatic title if start with < in first line
9 - unit testing
9ac97f5 @docelic - files/*: xhtml compliance
docelic authored
10 - remove NEW from <meta>
bf62651 @docelic * Described link program in glossary
docelic authored
c52871f @docelic Some new items, good stuff.
docelic authored
12 Outstanding:
13 =======
4946375 @docelic - An easy commit to break the summer silence.
docelic authored
14 - Can *_page pragmas take ITL and not just subroutine names?
d458e36 @docelic - Documented few filters
docelic authored
15 - See that if 'crypt' is put in see also, all symbols of that name appear
16 in see also line and their type is distinguished visually.
fb2f4cb @docelic - one more glossary entry
docelic authored
17 - TAXAREA is not discovered in source by bin/stattree
18 - toc in glossary
f176a7c @docelic The usual accompanying improvements
docelic authored
19 - Make MapRoutined source contexts have Line: x-y instead of Lines: z header.
fb2f4cb @docelic - one more glossary entry
docelic authored
20 - make glossary,howto items also appear as symbols, so that you can put
21 their names in See Also and get generated links
22 - recognize situations where contexts overlap, but in a special way that
23 first example does not see the other, but the other sees the first becase
24 of 10 lines of pre-context. (example is IMAGE_MOGRIFY refentry). In those
25 cases, resize area of the context report so that it appears as one
f176a7c @docelic The usual accompanying improvements
docelic authored
26 - With confs, also include source context where it is being used
27 - Enhance stuff with acronyms
28 - Under AUTHORS, include cvs line where appropriate (guides, howtos, gloss... )
29 - In vars.html, include line if it appears in variable.txt
8a8fb40 @docelic As usual, I am wonderful ;-) Here's the reason this time:
docelic authored
30 - why email, email-raw, SendMailProgram produce errors about usertags olink ID
9cc5ea7 @docelic - Cleaned some TODO items and reorganized TODO a bit
docelic authored
31 - match style (no starting verb or all starting verbs) in all Example titles
32 - check if all Default fields are properly formated (<literal> or none)
d2c6eee @docelic - Makefile: remove dependence on bin/stattree
docelic authored
33 - make regexp matching better, to properly scan parse_subroutine(); (gets
34 confused by { { in a substitution)
35 - in refs, replace "database" with "database_name", that kind of things
36 - import my hand-made test from /var/lib/.../pages/* to appropriate
37 ref pages as online examples
38 - At least in filters, <<EOR messes up the thing, only < is printed and stops
1429304 @racke added shortcoming with missing configuration links
racke authored
39 - &conf-RobotLimit; doesn't link to RobotLimit configuration page
d458e36 @docelic - Documented few filters
docelic authored
41 Coding:
e680b7a @docelic - bin/stattree:
docelic authored
42 - script to [un]comment debug lines!!
238f9d5 @docelic - Added Interchange FAQ document ( guides/faq.xml ).
docelic authored
43 - use to make an Interchange shell (!)
44 - finish ML stats <-- MAILPOND on ocelic2!
554f9d4 @docelic - TODO: remove stuff that's been handled over the time, or doesn't fit
docelic authored
45 - script to manipulate file headers
cb13dd7 @docelic - TODO: Updated TODO entry
docelic authored
dc2ec38 @docelic - Makefile:
docelic authored
47 Mid-term:
2767140 @docelic - Makefile: remove ordercheckout document which I'll decompose to dif…
docelic authored
48 - List of mv_s, descriptions and shortcuts
dc2ec38 @docelic - Makefile:
docelic authored
49 - for "online" docs, also provide a form where users can add comments or
50 ask for clarification. (this could be done with either pure IC (forum?), or
7b35729 @docelic - Makefile: added support for howtos
docelic authored
51 XML forms capability, or wiki?)..
16b446f @docelic - Makefile:
docelic authored
52 - Generate leaf nodes (put bin/mkreport back in action)
d458e36 @docelic - Documented few filters
docelic authored
53 - If filter returns Vend::xxx::something(), include that function in context
54 reports, and try to determine the "Uses" field (which also needs to be
55 added to filter refentry template or something)
e8f63ad @docelic - bin/stattree:
docelic authored
57 Tags:
81e9a5e @docelic refs/area:
docelic authored
58 aliases
59 tag call / perl call / mvasp
60 container
61 has subtags
62 nests
e8f63ad @docelic - bin/stattree:
docelic authored
e680b7a @docelic - bin/stattree:
docelic authored
e976408 @docelic Evening commit
docelic authored
66 Ideas:
e680b7a @docelic - bin/stattree:
docelic authored
67 - In db_columns: add exlude_columns= parameter?
e976408 @docelic Evening commit
docelic authored
68 - New docs:
69 - promotional
70 - new developer howto
71 - filenames in Source contexts should also be clickable. this is longterm
72 because it'll involve perltidy and other stuff I have in mind ...
c52871f @docelic Some new items, good stuff.
docelic authored
73 - CVS page:
74 Make a tutorial : IC from CVS, Catalog in SVN, replicated setup online
75 and locally
76 - How to deal with Safe
77 Programming guidelines doc - integrate with programming style. Advise
78 programmers of choices to make in order to make their code play well with
79 IC - for example, if they want to have a field in the DB for images,
80 advise them to name the column 'image' because other tags (they might or
81 might not later use) take that as default value. etc...
82 guide on setting complete IC environment
83 explain version naming.. stable/unstable and how 5.3.0 implies next stable
84 Documentation on how to create replicated catalog online and at your
85 desktop machine for ultimate convenience.
5f3f31f @docelic - Some new stuff, some placeholders, some updates/fixes to existing f…
docelic authored
86 - Whereever we count things, (like, valid Locale keys are decimal_point,
87 mon_grouping, price_picture,n_cs_precedes etc.) make that information
88 derived by scripting in stattree, not manually counting
e976408 @docelic Evening commit
docelic authored
e680b7a @docelic - bin/stattree:
docelic authored
e976408 @docelic Evening commit
docelic authored
91 Notes:
92 - say that code is colorful collection of time and people, so docs try to fill
e680b7a @docelic - bin/stattree:
docelic authored
93 the gap.
e976408 @docelic Evening commit
docelic authored
94 - say that even though sometimes the code looks ugly/unreadable, check 3 times before thinking it's a bug
95 - ** Dan Browning: clustering howto, tuning tips (by Mike),
96 - jedit + IC colorization, commit-to-live script,
97 - Racke: performance docs NEEDED, clustering my mike needs funding or he
98 won't do it. CVS howto is browning.
f176a7c @docelic The usual accompanying improvements
docelic authored
e976408 @docelic Evening commit
docelic authored
101 - "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes
102 a revolutionary act." -- George Orwell.
103 - For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public
104 relations, for Nature cannot be fooled. -- Dick Feynman
107 Misc:
108 - Mike We are short on chiefs and heavy on Indians here
5d5c2a2 @docelic - bin/stattree:
docelic authored
8a8fb40 @docelic As usual, I am wonderful ;-) Here's the reason this time:
docelic authored
112 - In iccattut:
5d5c2a2 @docelic - bin/stattree:
docelic authored
113 - Check if redhat/tarball paths are correct
114 - explain syntax accepted in profile files
115 - Fix ImageDir and include one picture for example
116 - <Racke>I name three things that IC users often didn't acknowledge:
117 namespaces (CGI, Values, Scratch)
118 parsing order ([L], variables, lists) - interpolation
119 inventing syntax doesn't buy you anything
120 IC is _not_ a programming language
121 - how to delete item from cart in all possible ways
122 - give examples for the tasks in 'do yourself' section (in progress)
123 - give good practices about filtering, security
124 - see problems from old docs/TODO notes on iccattut
125 - files/tutorial*: s/tutorial-*.log/tutorial.*.log/
8a8fb40 @docelic As usual, I am wonderful ;-) Here's the reason this time:
docelic authored
128 Say about accesskeys in html source, for key-based navigation
129 tag, interpolation, reparse, symbol types
130 catalog/global variable, tag,ui,
131 action, form, unix inet socket, values,
132 regex, flypage, sku
138 - Image tag, sort out mgkpath thing
f56b1e1 @docelic Just small "managemental" commit.
docelic authored
142 Nice but not fitting the idea
143 - CVS 'ident' command
144 - Suppress inline docs (in source) for items that have xmldocs docs
145 - In source contexts, for tags, highlight tagCanon and provide <acronym> with
146 short explanation and example
5f3f31f @docelic - Some new stuff, some placeholders, some updates/fixes to existing f…
docelic authored
150 In IC source:
152 - No $Vend::XTrailer on <input>, etc..
153 - missing </p>s
154 - lowercase SELECTED/CHECKED ?
34d199b @docelic - Makefile: turn orderchecks back on (the error that prevented them from
docelic authored
157 Check CartTrigger[Quantity]
ea81180 @docelic * bin/refs-autogen: another place for improvement. Namely, if the item
docelic authored
161 Community-contributed usertags (was usertag.pod before 4.7.0; too messy)
162 icstart - Getting Started Guide
163 * FAQ for each demo catalog (foundation, construct, barry, artstore)
164 * FAQ for each database (DBM, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle)
165 * FAQ for each payment processor (CCVS, Cybercash, Signio,, etc.)
169 $Session->{source} bzw. [data session source] comes from:
171 http://host/cgi-bin/cat?;;thesource (old MV 3 way, still works)
172 http://host/cgi-bin/cat?mv_pc=thesource (current way)
173 http://host/cgi-bin/cat?mv_pc=RESET (clears it, for debugging)
175 Otherwise mv_pc does double duty as a cache foiler, and is a meaningless,
176 incrementing integer.
178 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
180 iccattut:
181 Switch to new payment settings instead of mv_cyber_mode etc.
182 To add
183 Discuss profile.order verification options like 'zip=zip' and then explain why we don't actually use that one much unless it's for a U.S.-only store
184 Problems?
185 [on-match] gets used if search returned no results on an empty search string. Why?
186 Doubled-up CC verification errors:
187 No error message is given in [error] if required form variables weren't passed at all (vs. being simply empty)
188 No error message if profiles.order can't be found
190 Discuss using images (from old mvdocs):
191 A public Web directory for inline image graphic files is needed. Interchange does not serve the images, only the HTML tags calling them. A useful convention is to place all buttonbars, backgrounds, and icons in the /images directory, with the catalog items located in the /images/catalog directory. Regardless of the directory structure, an I<absolute path> must be used. Relative paths are unacceptable. Use the I<ImageDir> directive, which places that as the absolute path in front of all relative IMG and INPUT SRC, and BODY, TABLE, TR, TH, and TD BACKGROUND specifications.
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