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__NAME__ purpose
specify name of the "description" field in the Interchange database
__NAME__ synopsis
<arg choice='plain'><replaceable>field_name</replaceable></arg>
__NAME__ description
By default, &IC; expects the product description to be in the
<database class='field'>description</database> field in the
<database>products</database> database.
This directive allows modification of the default name.
The field is accessed implicitly when you call say,
<code>[item-description]</code> in &glos-ITL;.
__NAME__ notes
It's useful to set this directive based on &glos-locale;,
allowing for locale-specific product descriptions.
TODO: Clarify this? "If there is an
attribute set to the same name as C<DescriptionField>, this will be used for
__NAME__ example: Redefining DescriptionField
DescriptionField dsc
__NAME__ example: Setting DecriptionField depending on current locale
# Establish the default at startup
DecriptionField description
# Establish locale-specific description field
Locale fr_FR DecriptionField desc_fr
To fully understand the example and implicitly presented &IC; features, make
sure you're familiar with &glos-internationalization; and &glos-locale;
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