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__NAME__ purpose
batch-set a bunch of variables (or values in general) from files
__NAME__ synopsis
<arg choice='plain'><replaceable>directive_name</replaceable></arg>
<arg choice='plain'><replaceable>directory_glob</replaceable></arg>
__NAME__ description
The directive allows you to batch-set a bunch of variables from files.
<literal><replaceable>directive_name</replaceable></literal> is usually
<literal>Variable</literal>, but can practically be any hash-based directive.
<literal><replaceable>directory_glob</replaceable></literal> is a filespec
that can encompass multiple directories (files are ignored).
The specified directories are read for file <emphasis>names</emphasis> that
contain only word characters, i.e. something that would be a valid
&conf-Variable;. (This alone might make
it unsuitable for some other uses, but picking up the junk from the
in-directory-backup-file people would be intolerable.)
Then the contents of the found files are used to set the variables (or other
values) named after file names.
The source file name is kept in
if <pragma>dynamic_variables</pragma> &glos-pragma; is set.
<pragma>dynamic_variables</pragma> enables <emphasis>dynamic</emphasis>
updating of variables from files.
<pragma>dynamic_variables_files_only</pragma> restricts dynamic variables to
files only &mdash; otherwise variables are dynamically read from the
&conf-VariableDatabase; definition as well.
With dynamic variables, all
<code>@_<replaceable>VARIABLE</replaceable>_@</code> and
<code>__<replaceable>VARIABLE</replaceable>__</code> calls are checked
first to see if their source file is defined. If they are &mdash; if there is
a hash key present for the source file &mdash; even if its contents are blank,
it is returned as the value.
__NAME__ notes
Make sure you don't get confused by the existence of all
&conf-DirConfig;, &conf-ConfDir; and &conf-ConfigDir;.
__NAME__ see also
__NAME__ example: Setting DirConfig
DirConfig Variable templates/foundation/regions
If the file <filename>NOLEFT_TOP</filename> is present at catalog config time
at the specified location, code <code>__NOLEFT_TOP__</code> encountered on
a page will mimic
<code>[include templates/foundation/regions/NOLEFT_TOP]</code>.
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