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__NAME__ purpose
honor only the toplevel domain in IP qualification
__NAME__ synopsis
<group choice='plain'>
<arg choice='plain'>Yes</arg>
<arg choice='plain'>No</arg>
__NAME__ description
The directive simply specifies that only the toplevel domain
should be used in IP qualification for &glos-session; IDs.
If, for example, an IP was <literal></literal>,
only <literal></literal> would be used.
&IC; also supports taking various &ccTLD;s into account;
see &conf-CountrySubdomains;.
__NAME__ missing
TODO: how does this work with non-resolving stuff?
__NAME__ notes
This directive is a compromise on security, but it allows browsers that
do not accept cookies to use multiple proxy servers in the same domain.
Note that this directive is <emphasis role='bold'>enabled</emphasis>
by default.
If you are encrypting credit cards with PGP/GPG or using payment services,
then look at the &conf-WideOpen; directive, which
enables even more browser compatibility, again at the cost of some
__NAME__ example: Disabling DomainTail
DomainTail No
__NAME__ see also
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