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__NAME__ purpose
specify URL for POST requests
__NAME__ see also
SecurePostURL, VendURL, SecureURL
__NAME__ synopsis
<arg choice='plain'><replaceable>URL</replaceable></arg>
__NAME__ description
The directive specifies a catalog URL for POST form submissions.
This allows an automatically different path for GET and POST
requests, presuming you use the &tag-process; tag as
form action target.
__NAME__ notes
&conf-__FILENAME__; value can also be a relative path, with or without the
protocol and hostname specification.
__NAME__ example: Setting __FILENAME__
Put the following lines in &ccf;:
VendURL http://&def-hostname;/
SecureURL https://&def-hostname;/
PostURL http://&def-hostname;/cgi-bin/&std-catalog;
SecurePostURL https://&def-hostname;/cgi-bin/&std-catalog;
__NAME__ author
This allows Interchange to handle internal redirects and DirectoryIndex
requests via Apache transparently via reading the REDIRECT_* environment.
It should also allow internal redirects via other modules such as mod_perl.
The default for the [process ..] tag is the same as now, to use VendURL
or SecureVendURL as the default URL.
If you set up in Apache:
DirectoryIndex index.html /cgi-bin/foundation
<LocationMatch *\.html>
ErrorDocument 404 /cgi-bin/foundation
In interchange.cfg:
AcceptRedirect Yes
In catalog.cfg:
DirectoryIndex index.html
DeliverImage yes
then a properly set up catalog (using [process href="[whatever]"]
on any form action that is a POST) will look just like a static
HTML site, and will deliver relative images and simple links
properly for a GET.
There should be no difference to normal operation of Interchange if
these changes are not made.
* Delivering images properly for a POST is a different story. There
needs to be some thought on this -- it could be that:
my $method = $Tag->env('REQUEST_METHOD');
return unless $method =~ /post/i;
my $path = '@@MV_PAGE@@';
return unless $path =~ s,(.*)/.*,$1,;
return qq{<BASE HREF="$path">};
will handle most anything.
* Improve handling of
[page href=""
It will now deliver the link you would expect:
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