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__NAME__ purpose
specify the amount of time for which Interchange cookies should be valid (their expiry time)
__NAME__ missing
__NAME__ see also
__NAME__ synopsis
<arg choice='plain' rep='repeat'><replaceable>interval</replaceable></arg>
__NAME__ description
Specify &glos-interval;, an amount of time, that &IC;-issued &glos-cookie;s
be valid for.
This, of course, only applies to &glos-cookie;s other than session ID
cookie (<literal>MV_SESSION_ID</literal>), which always lasts only for the
duration of the session.
The ones used in &IC; by default (and which are affected by this directive)
are <literal>MV_USERNAME</literal> and <literal>MV_PASSWORD</literal>, for
the &conf-CookieLogin; feature.
__NAME__ example: Defining SaveExpire
SaveExpire 52 weeks
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