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__NAME__ purpose
sendmail (or compatible) binary location
__NAME__ synopsis
<arg choice='plain'><replaceable>filename</replaceable></arg>
__NAME__ see also
__NAME__ description
The directive specifies the location of the <command>sendmail</command>
binary (executable file).
__NAME__ notes
It is not required to specifically use the original
<command>sendmail</command> with this directive. Probably all available
<command>sendmail</command> replacements include the
<command>sendmail</command> binary of their own, but which is completely
compatible with the original implementation (regarding command line
If this directive is not defined (and none of the defaults are available at
startup), it won't be possible to send any e-mails using standard &IC;
facilities. In that case, you'll have to pick orders from a tracking
file, logs, or some other means.
__NAME__ example: Setting SendMailProgram
SendMailProgram /usr/sbin/sendmail
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