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__NAME__ purpose
(obsolete) specify whether to build flypages statically
__NAME__ synopsis
<group choice='plain'>
<arg choice='plain'>No</arg>
<arg choice='plain'>Yes</arg>
__NAME__ see also
Static, StaticAll, StaticDepth, StaticDir, StaticPath, StaticPattern,
StaticIndex, StaticLogged, StaticPage, StaticDBM, StaticFly,
StaticSessionDefault, StaticSuffix, StaticTrack
__NAME__ description
Specify whether &IC; should attempt to generate flypages for every part
number in the <database>products</database> databases, and build them
Already existing pages will be overwritten.
__NAME__ notes
The directive is obsolete since &IC; 4.9.
__NAME__ example: Enabling StaticFly
StaticFly Yes
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