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__NAME__ purpose
calculate end date from given start date and duration
__NAME__ see also
__NAME__ description
The filter takes a start date and a duration as inputs, and outputs
the end date.
__NAME__ notes
For more information on &PERL; Regular Expressions, pattern matching and
character classes, see
The <function>timelocal()</function> function used in the filter comes from the
<classname>Time::Local</classname> &PERL; module.
__NAME__ online: Obtaining an end date string
The following example sets start date to Feb 12, 2005 (at 8:00 am),
and the duration to 12 hours.
[cgi name=start_date set=200502120800 hide=1]
[cgi name=length set="12 hours" hide=1]
[filter op=duration.start_date.length /]
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