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__NAME__ purpose
remove visible affiliate code from URLs after first access
__NAME__ synopsis
<group choice='plain'>
<arg choice='plain'>No</arg>
<arg choice='plain'>Yes</arg>
__NAME__ description
When &conf-__FILENAME__; is enabled, &glos-GET; requests to URLs with
<mv>mv_pc</mv> or <mv>mv_source</mv> set to an affiliate code are redirected
to the same URL minus the affiliate code.
This keeps search engines that respect redirects from storing the affiliate
code-salted URLs in their indexes, and helps them focus on the real resource
with a single URL instead of a multitude of salted links.
__NAME__ notes
When this directive is enabled and visitors do not already have a session
&glos-cookie; (the most common case on first access), they are bounced to an URL
that does not have the affiliate code but has the &glos-session; ID.
There's no easy way around this, and we consider it a separate issue from the
&conf-BounceReferrals; concept.
If session IDs in URLs are a concern, they'll need a separate solution.
Historically, many application servers always bounced the first request
to check for &glos-cookie; support. Nowadays, many simply require cookies for
anything that needs a session. &IC; is different on both counts.
__NAME__ example: Enabling __FILENAME__
__FILENAME__ yes