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__NAME__ purpose
allow autologin based on username and password stored in a client cookie
__NAME__ synopsis
<group choice='plain'>
<arg choice='plain'>No</arg>
<arg choice='plain'>Yes</arg>
__NAME__ see also
__NAME__ description
The directive allows &IC; to save users' authentication info (username/password)
in a &glos-cookie;. Cookie expiration time is set by &conf-SaveExpire; and is
renewed each time they log in.
If the login and password information can be read from a cookie, then
users can be logged in to the site automatically as they visit it.
__NAME__ notes
To cause the cookie to be generated originally,
<mv>mv_cookie_password</mv> and/or <mv>mv_cookie_username</mv> must be set
to a &glos-true; value.
The former causes both username and password to be saved; the latter just
the username.
For a complete discussion on cookies, see &glos-cookie; glossary entry.
TODO: Does the above really happen automatically - when you turn on
CookieLogin, or you need ScratchDefault mv_cookie_password 1 or some thing like
__NAME__ example: Enabling CookieLogin
CookieLogin 1