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__NAME__ purpose
encrypt complete order reports automatically
__NAME__ see also
EncryptProgram, PGP, CreditCardAuto
__NAME__ synopsis
<arg choice='plain'><replaceable>filename</replaceable></arg>
<arg choice='opt'><replaceable>arguments</replaceable></arg>
__NAME__ description
The directive enables automatic encryption of complete order
reports sent to the store owner or an e-mail processing system.
The PGP key ring must be in the &IC; daemon user's home directory,
or defined in the environment variable <envar>PGPPATH</envar>.
The target user's public key must be present in the keyring, of course.
__NAME__ notes
If this directive is non-null, the PGP command string will be used as-given
to encrypt the entire order, in addition to any encryption done as a result
of the &conf-CreditCardAuto; directive. If, for some reason, an error comes
from PGP, the customer will see &glos-special; page
If the &conf-Route; directive is set up to "<literal>supplant</literal>",
the &conf-PGP; directive is ignored.
__NAME__ example: Defining PGP
PGP /usr/local/bin/pgp -feat
__NAME__ missing
Can route "be set to supplant"?
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