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__NAME__ purpose
map field names for page lookup tables
Revision 2.21: download - view: text, markup, annotated - select for diffs
Tue Jan 22 02:07:08 2002 UTC (6 years, 11 months ago) by mheins
Branches: MAIN
Diff to: previous 2.20: preferred, colored
Changes since revision 2.20: +10 -2 lines
* Add new PageTables capability. Includes:
-- PageTables directive in (enables/routes PageTables)
-- PageTableMap directive in (to map field names)
-- Support for database read of pages in Vend::Util::readin
-- "Teleport" mode which reads a page as it was/is at a particular
This capablity theoretically would work with GDBM databases but
you would never want to use it that way.
Basically, if you place a record in the table "PageTables" with a
key of "index", a read of that key in the page table will pre-empt
a read from any PageDir or TemplateDir .
If you set Vend::Session->{teleport} to a %Y%h%m%H%M time value,
it will return pages with a show_date earlier than that value
and an expiration date later than that value. In the case of
a tie, the later show_date wins.
PageTableMap allows you to remap field names if desired; not
recommended as UI may not honor mapping to begin with, but
makes remap possible.
* Move Control space to Vend::Interpolate::Tmp to prevent
storage in session. Also, allows multiple control spaces
to be set up (for nesting).