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__NAME__ purpose
specify maximum number of pages a user can visit without a short pause
__NAME__ see also
__NAME__ synopsis
<arg choice='plain'><replaceable>count</replaceable></arg>
__NAME__ description
Specify maximum number of
consecutive pages a user may access without a short pause.
When the &conf-RobotLimit; is
exceeded, the command defined in &conf-LockoutCommand; will be executed and
the catalog URLs will be rewritten to
<literal></literal>, effectively pointing the robot back to itself.
The short pause amounts to 30 seconds and can be configured using the &conf-Limit;
directive's <literal>lockout_reset_seconds</literal> setting.
If a remote client gets assigned a new session with every visit, rather than
maintaining a single session, then this directive sets the limit for the
number of sessions that may be assigned to the individual IP address over a
one hour period. The one hour period can be overridden using the &conf-Limit;
directive's <literal>ip_session_expire</literal> setting. If a lockout is triggered it will
remain in effect for 1 day. The one day period can be overridden with the
&conf-Limit; directive's <literal>robot_expire</literal> setting.
__NAME__ notes
Set the directive to a number greater than the number of pages users are
ever expected to visit in a short time frame.
__NAME__ example: Setting RobotLimit
RobotLimit 200
__NAME__ missing
Didn't we change this from to something else ?