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__NAME__ purpose
specify location of the file-based user sessions database
__NAME__ synopsis
<arg choice='plain'><replaceable>filename_or_directory_name</replaceable></arg>
__NAME__ see also
SessionDB, SessionExpire,SessionLockFile,SessionType,
__NAME__ description
The &conf-SessionDatabase; directive defines the location
of the file-based user &glos-session;s database, and the path may be absolute.
For DBM sessions, an appropriate <literal>.db</literal> or
<literal>.gdbm</literal> suffix will be appended. For the default
file-based sessions, the directive specifies the name of a base
sessions directory.
It is possible for multiple catalogs to share the same session file, as
well as for multiple &IC; servers to serve the same catalogs. If serving an
extremely busy store, multiple parallel Interchange servers can share the
same (NFS-based) file system, and serve users in a "ping-pong" fashion using
file-based sessions. On huge systems, even the level of directory hashing
may be changed to increase file look-up speeds. By default,
only 48 * 48 hashing is done.
__NAME__ example: Setting SessionDatabase
Put the following in &ccf;:
SessionDatabase session-data