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__NAME__ purpose
specify file containing region-specific UPS zone information
__NAME__ synopsis
<arg choice='plain'><replaceable>filename</replaceable></arg>
__NAME__ see also
__NAME__ description
Specify the file containing UPS zone information. It can be in the format
distributed by <ulink url="">UPS</ulink> or can be in a
tab-delimited format, with the three-letter zip prefix of the customer used to
determine the zone.
The directive works according to the <mv>mv_shipmode</mv> variable.
User database named the same as the value of <mv>mv_shipmode</mv> must
be present, or the lookup will return zero.
Zone information and updated pricing from UPS must be obtained in order for
this to work properly. The zone information is specific to a region!
__NAME__ example: Setting UpsZoneFile
UpsZoneFile /usr/interchange/data/ups_zone.asc