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__NAME__ purpose
convert date to a specified format
__NAME__ description
The filter calls &tag-convert-date; to output date according to the
specified format string.
For the accepted formats in which the input date needs to be specified,
see &tag-convert-date;.
See &glos-time; glossary entry for a list and description of format specifiers.
__NAME__ see also
__NAME__ notes
This filter looks almost exactly like the &tag-convert-date; tag,
but there's a simple difference in the implementation.
&tag-convert-date; tag called with an empty
or invalid time string it will default to the current
time; this filter called with an empty or invalid time string
will default to an empty value.
__NAME__ online: Filter example
Year is [filter convert_date.%Y][time][/filter].
__NAME__ online: Filter example
To get a pretty formatted date, such as "May 16, 2007", use
[filter convert_date."%B %e, %Y"][time][/filter].
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