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__NAME__ purpose
convert date (possibly with specified time) to number of seconds since Epoch
__NAME__ see also
__NAME__ description
The filter replaces date specification in form of
to a number of seconds since &glos-epoch;.
If the year specification contains 2 digits only and is less than
<literal>50</literal>, as is say, <literal>02</literal>,
then it is treated as an offset from year <literal>2000</literal>, and not
<literal>1900</literal>. In other words, <literal>05</literal> is understood
as year <literal>2005</literal>, <literal>80</literal> is understood as
Unspecified month or day default to <literal>1</literal>, unspecified
hours or minutes default to <literal>0</literal>.
__NAME__ notes
This filter is considered deprecated, and is replaced by &filter-datetime2epoch;.
For more information on &PERL; Regular Expressions, pattern matching and
character classes, see
The <function>timelocal()</function> function used in the filter comes from the
<classname>Time::Local</classname> &PERL; module.
__NAME__ online: Converting dates and times to seconds since Epoch
[filter date2time]01/01/2005[/filter]
[filter date2time]01/01/05[/filter]
[filter date2time]01-01-2005[/filter]
[filter date2time]01-01-05[/filter]
[filter date2time]01-01-2005:10[/filter]
[filter date2time]01-01-05:1045[/filter]
__NAME__ missing
look at online examples, they didn't seem healthy