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__NAME__ purpose
display raw, unencoded value, providing no option to change it
__NAME__ synopsis
__NAME__ description
The &widget-__FILENAME__; widget simply displays &glos-variable;s
from the &glos-value;s space and does not create any &glos-HTML;
form element that would allow changing them.
It is similar to &widget-value;, but more dangerous. It does not
perform any encoding on the value before display, allowing for
possible untrusted data (including both &glos-HTML; and &glos-ITL;!)
to be injected into the &glos-HTML; stream.
Use this widget with caution and always only on data you absolutely
__NAME__ notes
The variable value is not encoded before display; to
enabled recommended processing before display,
use widget &widget-value;.
__NAME__ online: Basic value initialization and display
[value name=widget_testrealvalue set="Test Widget Value" hide=1]
[widget name=widget_testrealvalue type=realvalue]
__NAME__ online: Basic value initialization and display, showing arbitrary HTML and ITL code insertion
[set widget_testrealvalue_input]
Test &lt;i&gt;Widget&lt;i&gt; &lt;b&gt;Value&lt;/b&gt;. The time is: [time]
[value name=widget_testrealvalue
set="[scratch widget_testrealvalue_input]"
[widget name=widget_testrealvalue type=realvalue]
__NAME__ see also
text, textarea, value
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