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* Removing/correcting obsolete comments
* Smaller corrections to iccattut
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@@ -77,8 +77,6 @@ must be available:
- docbook-xml
- docbook-xsl
- xsltproc
- - exuberant-ctags (to be)
- - db2latex-xsl
- tetex-extra (and actually, packages it depends on)
- XML::Twig Perl module (if you want to call bin/refs-autogen --validate)
@@ -158,7 +156,6 @@ DEVELOPMENT NOTES
docbook - DocBook XML support files
files - Support files, such as downloadable examples etc.
guides - Collection of guides
- howtos - Collection of howtos
refs - Collection of reference pages
glossary - Collection of glossary items
images - All images
@@ -308,7 +305,7 @@ DEVELOPMENT NOTES
*** Obscure information END /// Not needed in general ***
-** To create the documentation for a yet non-existant item, your best bet
+** To create the documentation for a yet non-existent item, your best bet
** is to start off by copying an existing item over.
** When adding documentation entries, please favor QUALITY over QUANTITY.
@@ -1,3 +1,6 @@
+- adjust title of <question> olinks (see if just id/title= works)
+- adjust iccattut to use tarball install paths
- manpages, first line of <screen> loses linebreaks
- work on bin/mkreport
- provide static files for download, describe keys like alt+n
@@ -8,12 +11,10 @@
- dal autogen preskoci kontekst koji je prazan? i zasto uopce unkondicionalno
- rijesit html_std/_ext i opcije
ekspandira @$ctx ako moze da nema konteksta?
-- make howtos chunk
- fix link to howtos after changing format
- link to howtos from ref pages
- order counter, Session->{mv_order_number}, cronjob -0001, or file da-te.counter, or session_id.time
-- in iccattut, s/item-field/item-param/ at least on some places.
- Change -latest to version number in tarball download
- fix/update AdminUser docs
- aliases like DataDir/DefaultTables are not documented
@@ -60,10 +60,9 @@ The system separates documentation contents into 5 major groups:
2 howto collection: direct answers to direct questions; relatively short
. documents that contain working examples and supporting technical explanation.
- . Some templating is possible here, so we keep individual HOW-TO snippets
- . (in XML format, minus standard headings which are included in the templates)
- . in the CVS, while they are put together in a single howtos.xml file by the
- bin/generic-autogen script.
+ . In the past, those were small snippets in howtos/* which were put together
+ . by bin/generic-autogen script, but in the meantime we moved directly to
+ . guides/howtos.xml, as howtos started looking much like regular guides.
3 reference pages: short, completely on-topic and focused pages documenting
. all types of symbols. (Symbols are "units" seen in Interchange source -
@@ -117,7 +116,7 @@ GENERATING FINAL OUTPUT
bin/refs-autogen is used to generate the reference pages
(containing many individual refentries). bin/generic-autogen is used for
-the glossary and the HOW-TO collection.
+the glossary.
The whole autogeneration story comes from the observation that enormous
piece of the final XML source can be produced automatically, with insertions
and templating. So, every chunk you write still has to be XML-conformant
@@ -148,25 +147,6 @@ represents typical filename extensions (such as .html or .ps). If you leave
and, of course, saved to OUTPUT/name/.
-* Modifying HOW-TOs
-To modify an existing HOW-TO item, simply edit howtos/name.xml.
-To start a new HOWTO item, create a new howtos/name.xml file.
-For a quickstart, copy the exact structure as you see in the existing
-custom-sendmail-routine.xml. It will always reflect the current standard.
-To make the new HOW-TO entry build as part of the global make procedure,
-you don't have to do anything; the howtos/howtos.xml is automatically
-regenerated (by following Makefile dependencies). If you need to trigger
-.xml file regeneration manually, invoke make howtos/howtos.xml.
-To build the HOW-TO collection, invoke make OUTPUT/howtos.format, where
-'format' represents typical filename extensions (such as .html or .ps).
-If you leave ".format" unspecified, the chunked HTML version of the HOW-TO
-collection will be built and, of course, saved to OUTPUT/howtos/.
* Modifying Symbols (pragmas, globvars, *tags, globconfs, catconfs, filters)
To modify an existing symbol, simply edit refs/* or refs/*/* (depending on
@@ -3,7 +3,6 @@
<!ENTITY % autorefs SYSTEM "autorefs.ent"> %autorefs;
<!ENTITY % autofiles SYSTEM "autofiles.ent"> %autofiles;
<!ENTITY % glossary SYSTEM "autoglossary.ent"> %glossary;
-<!ENTITY % howtos SYSTEM "autohowtos.ent"> %howtos;
<!-- Remove MsgSet -->
<!ENTITY % compound.class "procedure|sidebar">
@@ -36,6 +36,7 @@
<!ENTITY OPENLDAP "<ulink url=''>OpenLDAP</ulink>">
<!ENTITY BDBM "<ulink url='http://'>Berkeley DBM</ulink>">
<!ENTITY GDBM "<ulink url=''>GNU DBM</ulink>">
+<!ENTITY SQLite "<ulink url=''>SQLite</ulink>">
<!ENTITY NFS "<ulink url=''>NFS</ulink>">
<!ENTITY IMAGEMAGICK "<ulink url=''>ImageMagick</ulink>">
<!ENTITY DOCBOOK "<ulink url=''>DocBook</ulink>">
@@ -55,6 +56,7 @@
<!ENTITY mdash "&#x2014;">
+<!ENTITY WW "Wellwell">
<!ENTITY gcf "<filename>interchange.cfg</filename>">
<!ENTITY ccf "<filename>catalog.cfg</filename>">
<!ENTITY gcfs "<filename>interchange.cfg</filename> or <filename>catalog.cfg</filename>">
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
+[include top]
+[include left]
<h3>Search Results</h3>
@@ -35,4 +35,4 @@
<p align="center">[page index]Return to welcome page</a></p>
<p align="center">[page order]View shopping cart</a></p>
+[include bottom]
@@ -1140,7 +1140,7 @@ configuration dump will be saved there.
- <qandaentry><question><para>
+ <qandaentry><question id='daemon-control'><para>
Testing configuration, starting, reconfiguring, stopping
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