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Comment updates, to test changed git hooks

(I've removed the half-page of unnecessary Git intro text in commit
emails, for xmldocs module. This is primarily a test to see if it
works and if it can be applied elsewhere).
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1 parent 98b5975 commit 6f443801c7fa7332a35f75613b11e4950eb3a778 @docelic docelic committed Oct 7, 2009
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@@ -78,7 +78,15 @@ must be available:
- docbook-xsl
- xsltproc
- tetex-extra (and actually, packages it depends on)
- - XML::Twig Perl module (if you want to call bin/refs-autogen --validate)
+Optional Perl modules:
+ - XML::Twig
+(Install the Twig module if if you want to syntax-check your additions by
+calling i.e. "bin/refs-autogen --validate git-head").
+RedHat setups
If running on Red Hat and not Debian GNU, apply this patch: . It allows you to get

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