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@@ -296,6 +296,62 @@ names of the components to skip, or "1" to skip all default components.
+ <title>Taxonomy</title>
+ <para>
+The taxonomy system in WellWell allows products to be
+categorized in various ways, e.g. by genre, producer
+and star for videos.
+ </para>
+ <para>
+ Categories are kept in the
+ <database>categories</database> table:
+ </para>
+ <informaltable>
+<tgroup cols="2">
+<entry>category identifier</entry>
+<entry>numeric, assigned automatically</entry>
+<entry>category name</entry>
+<entry>used as title in category navigation</entry>
+<entry>category type</entry>
+<entry>e.g. genre, star, tag</entry>
+<entry>identifier of parent category</entry>
+<entry>0 for top level categories</entry>
+<entry>category priority for sorting</entry>
+<entry>numeric, highest number comes first</entry>
+<entry>page to view the category</entry>
+ </informaltable>
<title>Users, Roles and Permissions</title>
<emphasis role='bold'>Users</emphasis> are stored in the

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