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added hint about how to produce CGI parameters within Interchange

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racke committed Mar 9, 2010
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@@ -19,7 +19,18 @@ I think it's simple enough to notice variables <literal>mv_arg</literal> and
<literal>mv_pc</literal> being submitted. The GET method is very convenient
because all data is embedded in the URL, making it very easy to copy and
share links with other people.
+It is recommended to create these links in Interchange with &tag-area;.,e.g.:
+<a href="[area href="" form="param1=foo
+ param2=bar"]">FOO & BAR</a>
The other method is called POST. This way, the information is sent in a way
not visible to the user. POST forms have this disadvantage of not being suitable
for copy-pasting &glos-HTML; links directly, but they do offer greater

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