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document option to check for ISBN-10 resp. ISBN-13 specifically

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1 parent 3329566 commit b89bebacb32ea5ef9caec24d91c50a7d622470bf @racke racke committed Jun 27, 2009
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14 refs/isbn.ordercheck
@@ -9,6 +9,9 @@ __END__
__NAME__ description
Verification of the form field value succeeds if
the passed value is a valid &glos-ISBN;-10/ISBN-13 code.
+The check can be advised to only accept ISBN-10 resp. ISBN-13 code.
__NAME__ notes
@@ -20,3 +23,14 @@ FORM_FIELD_NAME=__FILENAME__ "Not a valid ISBN code"
+__NAME__ example: Verifying ISBN-13 code
+FORM_FIELD_NAME=__FILENAME__ 13 "Not a valid ISBN-13 code"
+__NAME__ example: Verifying ISBN-10 code
+FORM_FIELD_NAME=__FILENAME__ 10 "Not a valid ISBN-10 code"

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