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- TODO: Updated TODO entry

- refs/DatabaseAuto: s/envar/literal/ SEARCH PATH, as noted by Jon
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1 parent d3a3f27 commit cb13dd7d6c9145af3c61b128644bdb2f667b9706 @docelic docelic committed Nov 19, 2005
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@@ -38,6 +38,13 @@ DOCUMENTATION SYSTEM:
- Add support to document tags which are NOT found in separate files
(like [restrict] or [subject]).
+TODO: Create a pre-processor for the "docbook/docbookxi.dtd" and
+"docbook/olinkdb*xml" files that would automatically discover the path to
+the "docbookx.dtd" and "targetdatabase.dtd" files. Running a find(1) in
+"/usr/share" should do the trick on most GNU/Linux OSs, and will remove
+the need for distro-specific patches that will quickly grow stale due
+to package version number changes.
- Ask ndw about including [NEW!] and [TODO!] in titles in TOC. --> This is a
bug and it will work when they fix it.
4 refs/DatabaseAuto
@@ -86,8 +86,8 @@ more tables than you really intended.
Also be aware that it is possible to make some confusing configuration mistakes
here, if the schema you specify is not in the database user's
-<envar>SEARCH_PATH</envar>, or comes after some other schema that has tables
-with the same names.
+<literal>SEARCH_PATH</literal> session variable,
+or comes after some other schema that has tables with the same names.
__NAME__ example: Standard DatabaseAuto definition, a standalone example

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