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* bin/refs-autogen: another place for improvement. Namely, if the item

  is present in cvs-head, then add " (cvs-head)" to "Available in: " line.
  (Otherwise it would just say like 5.5.0, but you don't know if 5.5.0 is
  current latest or not).

  Or maybe you do know because if it has odd 2nd number, then it must be
  development version and the last one, because we only index last devel.
  But nevertheless, it does add information and is a nice eye candy too.

* docbook/literals.ent: 3 more entities: CPAN, GCC, SOAP

* TODO: Add some todo items from old docs (unimportant for now, until I get to
  review them and clean up)
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  2. +11 −1 bin/refs-autogen
  3. +3 −0 docbook/literals.ent
@@ -168,3 +168,39 @@ In IC source:
Check CartTrigger[Quantity]
+Community-contributed usertags (was usertag.pod before 4.7.0; too messy)
+icstart - Getting Started Guide
+* FAQ for each demo catalog (foundation, construct, barry, artstore)
+* FAQ for each database (DBM, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle)
+* FAQ for each payment processor (CCVS, Cybercash, Signio,, etc.)
+$Session->{source} bzw. [data session source] comes from:
+http://host/cgi-bin/cat?;;thesource (old MV 3 way, still works)
+http://host/cgi-bin/cat?mv_pc=thesource (current way)
+http://host/cgi-bin/cat?mv_pc=RESET (clears it, for debugging)
+Otherwise mv_pc does double duty as a cache foiler, and is a meaningless,
+incrementing integer.
+Switch to new payment settings instead of mv_cyber_mode etc.
+To add
+Discuss profile.order verification options like 'zip=zip' and then explain why we don't actually use that one much unless it's for a U.S.-only store
+[on-match] gets used if search returned no results on an empty search string. Why?
+Doubled-up CC verification errors:
+No error message is given in [error] if required form variables weren't passed at all (vs. being simply empty)
+No error message if profiles.order can't be found
+Discuss using images (from old mvdocs):
+A public Web directory for inline image graphic files is needed. Interchange does not serve the images, only the HTML tags calling them. A useful convention is to place all buttonbars, backgrounds, and icons in the /images directory, with the catalog items located in the /images/catalog directory. Regardless of the directory structure, an I<absolute path> must be used. Relative paths are unacceptable. Use the I<ImageDir> directive, which places that as the absolute path in front of all relative IMG and INPUT SRC, and BODY, TABLE, TR, TH, and TD BACKGROUND specifications.
@@ -722,7 +722,8 @@ while ( my($k,$v) = each %{ $autogenerated{$group} } ) {
# DocBook strips non-text stuff when creating TOC entries. So under symbol
# names you see a nice NEW icon, but in TOC that plain text looks very poor.
if ( @{ $ag{'_available in'} } == 1 and
- ${$ag{'_available in'}}[0] eq $ENV{XMLDOCS_CUR_DEVEL}) {
+ ( ${$ag{'_available in'}}[0] eq $ENV{XMLDOCS_CUR_DEVEL} or
+ ${$ag{'_available in'}}[0] eq 'cvs-head' )) {
$ag{purpose} = <<ENDD;
@@ -1245,6 +1246,15 @@ sub compress_availability {
+ # If last version that symbol is available in is also the current
+ # cvs-head (so meaning the item is fully current), then visually
+ # add "(cvs-head)" to the version number. Makes it easier to see
+ # the item is current.
+ $end and $end eq $ENV{XMLDOCS_CUR_DEVEL} and $end .= " (cvs-head)";
+ @orig == 1 and $orig[0] eq $ENV{XMLDOCS_CUR_DEVEL} and
+ $orig[0] .= " (cvs-head)";
local $" = ", ";
if ( $cl > 1 ) {
unshift @avails, "$start-$end";
@@ -17,6 +17,8 @@
<!ENTITY W3 "<ulink url=''>W3C</ulink>">
<!ENTITY W3C "<ulink url=''>W3C</ulink>">
<!ENTITY PERL "<ulink url=''>Perl</ulink>">
+<!ENTITY CPAN "<ulink url=''>CPAN</ulink>">
+<!ENTITY GCC "<ulink url=''>GCC</ulink>">
<!ENTITY MYSQL "<ulink url=''>MySQL</ulink>">
<!ENTITY PGSQL "<ulink url=''>PostgreSQL</ulink>">
<!ENTITY ORACLE "<ulink url=''>Oracle</ulink>">
@@ -30,6 +32,7 @@
<!ENTITY EBAY "<ulink url=''></ulink>">
<!ENTITY SVG "<ulink url=''>SVG</ulink>">
<!ENTITY QBOOKS "<ulink url=''>Intuit QuickBooks</ulink>">
+<!ENTITY SOAP "<ulink url=''>SOAP</ulink>">

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