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Commits on Nov 6, 2006
  1. @docelic

    * Went over the rest of configuration directives, polished the text,

    docelic committed
      fixed a few small typos, simplified synopsis lines
Commits on Dec 8, 2004
  1. @docelic

    A large commit. Here's the deal:

    docelic committed
    - Makefile:
     - Some corrections to work properly with reduced number of reference sets:
       ( glob & cat confs -> confs, system & user & ui tags -> tags).
    - docbook/olink*:
     - Also corrections/updates to work with compound docs (as above)
    - Added some new glossary and refs items
    - bin/refs-autogen:
     - Hacked in support for EASIER adding of examples. The previous syntax:
         __NAME__ example
           <title>Example Title</title>
           blah blah
       Is now simply:
       __NAME__ example: Example Title
       blah blah
       (that is, <example> and <para> are assumed, <title> is inserted if
       you provide a title after a colon).
       The rationale behind this is that I want sections to be disassociated
       from the encapsulating elements (<example> in this case) so that we
       can directly include the text in other contexts, without first having
       to remove <example> and other context-specific tags from the input.
       This is a generalization of the idea to have a "preamble" in tags.html
       and confs.html that describes how to use tags and confs. (As Jon
       said it'd be nice to preserve that layout like in old docs).
    - refs/*:
     - Adjusted 'example' sections to adhere to above convention. Also added
       some missing bits and fixed few spelling errors.
Commits on Dec 5, 2004
  1. @docelic

    - docbook/literals.ent: Added NFS entity

    docelic committed
    - docbook-olinkdb-nc.xml: commented some part
    - glossary/*, refs/*:
     - Documenting items. Heh, no way to nail them all other than one by one ;-)
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