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Commits on Dec 16, 2005
  1. @docelic

    - Makefile:

    docelic committed Dec 16, 2005
     - bump XMLDOCS_CUR_DEVEL version to 5.3.3
     - add bin/stattree as dependency for cache target. (This was natural to do,
       but I kept it disabled in times where statree was often modified in a
       compatible way so no cache regeneration was needed).
     - remove out of date todo notes
    - bin/coup:
     - make it update CVS recursively (-d)
    - bin/refs-autogen:
     - add "ordercheck" hash key in preamble list (was causing perl warnings)
     - small spell fix
     - REPLACE ctxpre and ctxpost hash keys with names ctx_p and ctx_n!
       Basically, I had used both so it was the cause of inconsistencies. I'll
       have to see if this distinction was in fact needed and I was aware of it
       when I wrote the code.
    - bin/stattree:
     - Make WHATSNEW without version number recognized as release helpfile
     - Added some comments as I went over the source
     - Same as in bin/refs-autogen, s/ctxpre/ctx_p/g, s/ctxpost/ctx_n/g.
    - glossary/profile: added part to properly integrate into docs later
    - refs/*: A number of filters documented. We now have all filters documented
      except maybe 5.
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