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RT Ticket #147: interpolate parameter #15

uncleshelby opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Created: Tue Dec 18 13:28:04 2007
Requestors: Kevin Walsh

Several of the non-container tags (perhaps all of them) list
"interpolate" as a parameter. the interpolate parameter only applies to
container tags.


Date: Tue Dec 18 14:04:13 2007
Author: Kevin Walsh

Ok - I should clarify this a bit, as I confused myself for a while back

  • Container tags make use of interpolate (input) and reparse (output).
  • Non-container tags only make use of interpolate (output reparsing).
  • The DocBook docs seem to list both parameters regardless of whether they are relevant to the tag being documented.

This bug should have been raised on the reparse parameter, which only
applies to container tags.

The bug still stands, with the s/interpolate/reparse/ correction.

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