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RT Ticket #145: history-scan tag documentation #17

phinjensen opened this Issue Mar 25, 2013 · 0 comments

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Created: Sun Dec 16 06:13:15 2007
Requestors: Kevin Walsh

  • The description says "This tag produces an HTML link to some
    previously visited page. Optionally, just the page name (without the
    link) can be displayed." That is just plain wrong and should be removed.

  • The title text, at the top of the page, is incorrect.

  • The "pageonly" description is incorrect.

  • The "var_exclude" description and default are both incorrect.

  • The "find" parameter appears to be marked as "required", but it is not.

  • The "default" parameter's default value says that SpecialPage catalog
    is usually set to "index.html". In my experience, it's usually set to
    "index", as that would be the correct way to specify the page name.

  • The "form" parameter is not descriptive enough. It should at least
    point out how multiple form variables should be specified (one per line).

  • Other parameters, such as "size_limit", "no_session" and "debug", are
    missing from the tag's documentation altogether.

  • The statement "this tag does not appear to be affected by, or affect,
    the rest of Interchange" is incorrect: (1) The "catalog" SpecialPage
    affects the default page name. (2) Delete the tag and that would affect
    the Standard demo and the calls to the tag from Vend::Menu. Perhaps
    that sentence is supposed to mean something else, but it's incorrect in
    the way it's worded at the moment.

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