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phinjensen commented Mar 25, 2013

Created: Mon Jul 02 20:29:36 2007
Requestors: Kevin Walsh

The SOAP_Host directive was removed from Interchange 5.4.1, but the
DocBook docs state that the directive still exists (see the NOTES section).

It does attempt to correct itself later, with "SOAP_Host is available in
Interchange versions: 4.8.0-5.2.0", but that is also incorrect; The
range is incomplete.

Suggested fixes:

  1. Remove or rewrite the NOTES section.
  2. Fix the AVAILABILITY section to show the correct version range.
  3. Remove the SOURCE section, as it doesn't add anything useful to the page.

phinjensen commented Mar 25, 2013

Date: Wed Jul 11 19:03:40 2007
Author: Kevin Walsh

The NOTES section still says "This directive exists, but is currently
unused in Interchange code," as far as I can see. That statement is
incorrect. Also, the AVAILABILITY section is still showing an incorrect
version range.

This issue has been marked as "resolved" even though none of the
suggested fixes have been implemented. It's usually best to implement
the fixes before marking the issue as "resolved".

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