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The Interchange Development Group

ICDEVGROUP Documentation Set


The (new) Interchange XML documentation set is completely self-contained.
To build the complete documentation set, run:


To build specific targets, see Makefile for target names.


To perform a successful build, this programs and modules must be available:

  - Perl
  - Shell commands: mkdir, cp, tar, gzip, bzip2
  - DocBook XML
  - xsltproc


During the invocation of 'make', few files will be created:
  docbook/*.db   - OLink DB files generated from source .xml files
  cache/<ver>/*  - Various Interchange source tree statistics, available
                   over a filesystem interface. (For XInclusion in .xml
                   sources and similar purposes). The files are generated
                   from cache/<ver>/.cache.bin.
  OUTPUT/        - Autogenerated:
                   directory containing the actual completely self-contained
                   and interlinked documentation set. Once it's created, you
                   can move it out of the build tree and package as you see


 The directory structure:
   Makefile      - Main Makefile
   bin           - Helper tools
   cache         - Interchange source trees metadata
   docbook       - DocBook XML support files
   files         - Support files, such as examples etc.
   guides        - Collection of guides
   howtos        - Collection of howtos
   refs          - Collection of reference pages
   images        - All images
   tmp           - A scratch space and a kind of a pending/ directory.
                   If you have a chunk which you'd like to integrate in
                   the docset, but don't have the time to prepare it
                   yourself, just drop it in there and someone will pick
                   it up.

 Updating cache/:
   The dotfiles found in cache/ can only be generated when the sources/
   directory is present, and contains Interchange releases in directories
   named after release numbers (with the exception of "cvs-head").
   (Or the "sources" file can be a symlink to the right location where
   you keep such directory structure).

   Once that's in place, run "make cache". This will regenerate files for
   the versions you have.

   As this is only rarely done (only when the release changes due to an
   important backport or something - and even then it probably doesn't 
   change any figures because the updates are small), the generated files
   *are* kept in the CVS because they can be considered static.

 The XML "preprocessor" tool:
   There's bin/pp tool which you can use to write XML more conveniently.
   See the script itself for usage notes.

Davor Ocelic,

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