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What is it

A handy-dandy clipboard sharing tool to share URLs between devices and users.

Check it out at

Client apps

Different apps for different platforms


For using the Interclip API, see the API Docs.


For a code of conduct, see and for setting up your environment (local or remote), see

How to clip

Clipping is easy. Just click on the magnifying glass and paste in your link! Then press Enter and through the magic of code here is the code to your link!


How to receive a clip

💡 ProTip: you can receive a clip even faster by scanning the QR code or going to

Receiving a clip is even easier than clipping. Just get out your phone or another device and paste the code into the input. receive page

Domain resolution troubles

From feedback, we have observed that some ISPs block Interclip's traffic over the domain. No idea why, but maybe because of the files hosted by the users? If you encounter such trouble please use the alternate domain,, which can also be accessed with HTTP if you plan to use ultra-old browsers with outdated TLS requirements.

Note: I know it's a bad idea to allow the access over HTTP, but if you use this alternate domain it should be a last resort. If you encounter any further issues, shoot me an email -