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🔗 A lightweight alternative to {{link-to}}
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A lightweight alternative to {{link-to}}. No components, no class bindings - just a bound anchor href and a click handler.

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Why use it?

Every time you use a {{link-to}}, you create a view. This is usually fine, but in cases where you're creating many of these, performance can suffer. {{href-to}} simply creates a URL and is 12x faster than {{link-to}} in Ember 1.13.4.

Questions? Ping me @gavinjoyce


This is an Ember CLI addon, to install:

ember install ember-href-to

Usage Instructions

{{href-to}} has the same interface as {{link-to}}, you can use it to link to static and dynamic routes in your ember application:

<a href="{{href-to 'index'}}">Go Home</a>
<a href="{{href-to '' contact}}">View Contact 1</a>
<a href="{{href-to '' 2}}">View Contact 2</a>
<a href="{{href-to 'contact-us' (query-params section='first')}}">You can also use query params</a>
<a href="{{href-to 'contact-us'}}#first">You can also use fragment identifiers</a>
<a href="{{href-to 'contact-us'}}" data-href-to-ignore>
  If you have a catchall route (this.route('catchall', { path: "/*" })),
  you need to add the attribute "data-href-to-ignore",
  otherwise you will always match it

As {{href-to}} simply generates a URL, you won't get automatic active class bindings as you do with {{link-to}}. Clicking on a {{href-to}} URL will trigger a full router transition though:


Development Instructions

  • git clone this repository
  • npm install
  • bower install


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