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A Tapestry 5 component library.

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A Tapestry 5.2 component module featuring new components and multiple database support.

Provided components in this library:

  • PagedGrid
  • PopupWindow
  • Switch
  • TextMarker
  • ModalBox
  • Hoverlink
  • EditableSelectBox
  • DropDownMenu

Provided Mixins in this library:

  • Confirm A javascript popup dialog to be used for confirming actions on urls

Provided Services in this library:

  • HibernateMultiSessionManager A multi session / multi database service


There are still some TODO's left in the code, but 95% is working fine.


Use maven as such: mvn clean install , it will then build and test the library and place it in your local repository. From there you can create a dependency in your own Tapestry project and Weaves will be auto-loaded by Tapestry.


Currently at around 70% coverage. Still some work to do to increase coverage.


A working demo can be found at: There are 3 parts still not (correctly) working at the demo site:

  • TextMarker demo - Crashes with a internal Tapestry exception
  • ModalBox demo - Crashes with a internal Tapestry exception
  • Hibernate demo - Seems to ignore the Layout component
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